Life now

A place to dance, to express our true nature...
to express the present moment,
to engaged with spontaneous flow of qi...
Life and the body-mind in one line


Animal flow

A body language meditation...into the animal flow...connecting the spirit in one direction..., mind, body, emotions and energy...everything connected...expanding and opening to the physical sensation. 
The primary sequence of animal insticts

Anika Burton.  


Yoga Moves

Yoga Moves new classes!!!

Yoga Moves is a powerful tip of Yoga, full of movement and energy. It connects two disciplines Yoga and Dance. Anika understands dance as the expression of Being. In her classes leads the student through the conscious movement to connect with the vital energy (Qi), with the feeling and the expression...in short with Life!



Ballerina moments...

During the ballet cross points...reflections
From ballerina moments
LifExpression Butoh movement
Dance dialogue...
With Anika Burton
Body shapes...the Ballet dome!